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Speaking Out about Chuckanut Ridge

Strong Opposition to DEIS - The public hearing on the Draft Environmental Impact Study for Fairhaven Highlands was held on October 20, 2009.  Numerous experts hired by Responsible Development and local residents strongly objected to the draft report.  DEIS Criticized (Herald  10-21-09) 

Residents Unit to Oppose Fairhaven Highlands Development:  This article describes how residents and Responsible Development have united to oppose the development of Chuckanut Ridge.  Residents Unite (Herald 4-27-08)

Scope of EIS Is Set:  After public hearing and receiving approximately 800 public comments, Bellingham's planning director, Tim Stewart, augmented the scope of the EIS.  It will not include a review of the aesthetic and greenhouse gas impacts, widening the 12th Street Bridge and the building of a connector road.   Scope of Review (Herald  3-13-08)  The study does not consider the city's purchase of the property.  Purchase Not Considered  (Herald 3-12-08)

Frequently Asked Questions About Chuckanut Ridge and Fairhaven Highlands:  Responsible Development prepared an information sheet to answer common questions about the importance of Chuckanut Ridge to the community and problems regarding the construction of Fairhaven Highlands.  Frequently Asked Questions  RD also prepared a table contrasting the benefits of preserving Chuckanut Ridge to the harm caused by the proposed Fairhaven Highlands development.  Preserve CR or Develop FH

RD and Public Demands Fair and Complete EIS:    On January 16, 2008, a public hearing was held regarding the scope of the Environmental Impact Study for the proposed Fairhaven Highlands project that was attended by about 250 citizens.  Thirty-two citizens spoke out during the four hour meeting.  Fairhaven Highlands EIS Scoping Meeting Draws Large Crowds  (Whatcom Ind.  1-24-30-08)  January 23, 2008 was the last day to submit comments about the scope of the EIS for Fairhaven Highlands.  RD submitted 7 pages of comments RD's Comments and 5 pages of supplemental suggestions RD's Supplemental Comments regarding the scope of the EIS.  The Coalition of South Neighborhoods submitted a 10 page letter requesting broadening the scope of the EIS.  CSN Scoping Comments  Numerous concerned citizens submitted letters urging the city to require a thorough EIS.  Larry HorowitzSusan KaunGerry Wilbour Dan and Lisa Hall; Michael Chiavario; Paul Olmstead; Ken Wilcox; Ralph Thacket; Andrew Berg; John McLaughlin; Anne and Mike Botwin and Eric Hirst.

Paul Sorensen, a Board member of the Guide Meridian/Cordata Neighborhood Association, urged the other members of the Board to submit comments in opposition to the Fairhaven Highlands project and to the scope of the proposed EIS.  Paul Sorensen's Comments 

Public Wants New Approach to Development:  An article in the January 23, 2008 edition of the Cascadia Weekly Gristle summarizes the arguments regarding why Chuckanut Ride is a poor location for concentrated residential development and "an excellent candidate for preservation of green space and future parklands."  What Goes Around  

Responsible Development Stages Protest at Horizon Bank:  On October 26, 2007, Responsible Development sponsored a protect against the Fairhaven Highlands development at Horizon Bank.  Protest Against Horizon Bank

Mayor Asmundson Believed $8 Million to Be Used to Buy Chuckanut Ridge:   During a March 6, 2006 City Council Meeting, the then mayor expressed his believe that the public and the City Council intended that $8 million of Greenway levy money was to be used to purchase Chuckanut Ridge.  Click here to see the video of the Mayor's comments:

Wants Public Forum About Chuckanut RidgeThis is a November 19, 2006 letter to the Editor by Burke Mulvany, a Bellingham resident, suggesting a public forum to discuss the environmental and community impact of developing Chuckanut Ridge.  Wants Public Forum

RD Complains to Horizon Bank About Test Holes in Wetlands: On September 10, 2006, Joe Yaver, the President of RD, sent a letter to the bank's CEO complaining about the 20 test olds that were drilled in the Fairhaven Highland wetlands.  RD Letter to Horizon Bank re Soil Sampling

RD's Press Release re Test Holes:  On October 10, 2006, RD issued a press release criticizing Horizon Bank for "ignoring citizen requests for cessation of excavation in wetlands and wetland buffers on the Chuckanut Ridge property."  Press Release re Soil Sampling